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【one of a kind】Pal Round K18 Gold

【one of a kind】Pal Round K18 Gold

  • detail





    Gold has been a valuable asset since ancient times, and is chosen by people of all generations, regardless of gender. It is an attractive material with a calm color that does not fade over time, and its taste increases with age, and it blends well with the skin. We will be selling the 18K pink gold/yellow gold finger watch "PAL", which has been discontinued due to the recent rise in gold prices, as a one-of-a-kind item for a limited time. This is the last time we can offer this price, so please take advantage of this opportunity. Look for items that you can use for a long time and enjoy changing over time.

  • material / size

    素材:K18 YG/牛革
    ケースサイズ:φ 14mm × D7mm


    Material:K18 yellowgold/Cowhide
    Movement:Quartz made in Japan (batteries can be replaced)
    Accessories: Warranty card, moco box
    Case size::φ 14mm × D7mm
    Belt width:7mm

    Click here for replacement belts

  • delivery schedule


    Estimated shipping: 1week

    *Depending on the timing of your order, if the product is out of stock, it will be made to order. If you have a due date, please contact us in advance.

    Please use ( for shipping outside Japan.

  • Instructions


    It is not waterproof. Please note that each item is made by hand, so there are detailed differences in specifications.

  • after care



    [Battery replacement]

    When changing the battery, please bring it to a watch store in your country. [Battery number: SR512SW]

    If you store old batteries in your watch for a long time,Leakage of electrolyte from the battery can damage the module.

  • caution


    We cannot accept returns or exchanges, so please check carefully when ordering.

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