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Necklace watch Polish shizucu

Necklace watch Polish shizucu


  • detail



    I used colored crystal for the lens part. Since the stone is fastened with three claws, the color of the stone looks beautiful even when viewed from the side. A jewelry-like watch whose color changes every time it shakes on the chest.

    By putting the watch on your hand while it is on, the 12 o'clock position will come up, making it easier for you to check the time yourself.


    For sophisticated people who have their own time. You can check time secretly without being noticed by other people It is a jewelry type necklace watch.

  • material / size

    素材:K10イエローゴールド / 合成宝石(アメジスト・スモーキークォーツ・シトリン)


    サイズ : 13mm × 18mm × D8mm
    チェーン:50cm+5cmアジャスター付or 60cm+5cmアジャスター付(+8800円)

    Material: K10 yellow gold / synthetic gemstone (amethyst, smoky quartz, citrine)

    *Synthetic gems are artificial gems that have the same chemical composition and crystal structure as natural stones. Please note that, like natural stone, it has color shades, bubbles, and scratches.

    Movement: Quartz made in Japan (battery replaceable)
    Accessories: Warranty card, moco box (white)
    Size: 13mm × 18mm × D8mm
    Chain length: 50cm+5cm With adjuster or 60cm+5cm With adjuster (+8800yen)

  • delivery schedule



    Estimated shipping: 1 week
    If you enter your name, it will take about 3 weeks.

    *Depending on the timing of your order, if the product is out of stock, it will be made to order. If you have a due date, please contact us in advance.

    Please use ( for shipping outside Japan.

  • Instructions


    It is not waterproof. Please note that each item is made by hand, so there are detailed differences in specifications.

  • after care



    [Battery replacement]

    When changing the battery, please bring it to a watch store in your country. [Battery number: SR512SW]If you store old batteries in your watch for a long time,Leakage of electrolyte from the battery can damage the module.

  • caution


    We cannot accept returns or exchanges, so please check carefully when ordering.

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