A metal band type finger watch that looks like a miniature watch.

It uses a fluorescent needle, so only the needle will shine in dark places.



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A finger watch like a "buddy" who spends the same time closest.

From the appearance that the watch is a miniature as it is,

You can also enjoy it as a communication tool.

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Material: Silver movement: Quartz made in Japan (batteries can be replaced)

Accessories: Warranty card, moco box (White)

Case size: 15mm × 15mm × D7mm

You can replace the leather belt on the metal band.

Please purchase it separately here .


Delivery time: About 1 week after confirmation of order

*If it is out of stock, it may take some time for production, so if you have a fixed deadline, please contact us in advance.

20AW Pal-Metal Square

face color
If you would like size *23 or larger, please contact us before ordering.
  • Instructions

    It is not waterproof. Please note that each item is made by hand, so there are detailed differences in specifications.


    The dial design of Pal changes every season.

  • Examples of common magnetic- products that may affect watches.

    ・Cellular phone(speaker) ・Portable radio(speaker) ・Bag(with magnet buckle) ・Magnetic cooking device ・Magnetic necklace ・Magnetic health belt etc.

  • Battery replacement

    When changing the battery, please bring it to a watch store in your country. [Battery number: SR512SW]

    If you store old batteries in your watch for a long time,

    Leakage of electrolyte from the battery can damage the module.

  • caution

    We cannot accept returns or exchanges, so please check carefully when ordering.

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